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"It's a stable server with virtually no down time at all. Believe me, it's worth every penny and more."
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Full-Featured Hosting

As a full service web business, we provide full featured low-cost web hosting.  Allowing us to host your site on our servers will reduce the cost of your website because we are so familiar with this service. Purchase your hosting here.

This is full-featured hosting:  you pay no extra for things like ecommerce, email accounts, bandwidth and databases. We can take care of all facets of your hosting including domain name registrations and renewals.  It's a super hosting situation for a busy business owner and at only $160 a year.

About the Server

Our server features the lastest version of cPanel with docking sections and video demos. Though not designated as a ecommerce secure server yet, our server with a zen cart ecommerce site will pass the PCI test, thus saving you those extra fees.. Other applications probably will, too, depending on the application itself.

The server is hardened and secured so that hacking is unlikely on the server level. There are very few sites on the hosting and nearly all are managed by Delia Wilson Design which also reduces the chances of hacking. Compare this to the cheap hosting sites with their large shared hosting (GoDaddy, for instance) and you'll find our server to be faster and safer.

If you don't want to use my hosting, here are links to 2 companies that I recommend:
PCI Compliant Hosting from GeekHost (about $20 a month but with that added PCI compliancy)

*As required by law: all links include data that lets those companies know that I sent you there and I do make money off the referral. I chose these companies based on my experience with them or knowledge of them and then opted to earn from my referrals.