Your Web Success is Our Business!

First Things First

The most successful online business is usually an extension of an already established brick and mortar business and, therefore, simply an extension of your present marketing efforts. Online success can be measured in many ways (and not just the number of visitors), but your online presence must be viewed as part of the overall business effort.

Our goals for your successful website include:

  1. Integrating the website into your present marketing campaign by using or developing logos and graphics that present your company image. - We are experts at taking your existing artwork and building your website around it. We can also design images and logos for any type of marketing or advertising. Remember, consistency of branding is a must for any successful marketing campaign.
  2. An attractive, functional website that utilizes the most appropriate technology. - Whether your web design needs are static or dynamic will decide the technical approach as well as the bells and whistles. The technology will then define the graphical approach. Function first!
  3. A site that loads quickly on a dial up.- First rule of web design, if it's slow, the customers go...and fast! No matter how many are on broadband, sites still need to load fast.
  4. Web design elements that work. - Little if any flashing, changing elements. Proper use of color for viewing optimization. Appropriately sized type.
  5. Web site design clarity and consistency. - Consistency of navigation, color, images throughout the entire site. Clarity of navigation coupled with search features where possible.
  6. Informative, well-written, appropriate grammatical text.
  7. Ease of maintenance to reduce costs. - Technology can make this easier and less costly. We are always working to increase your bottom line!