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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Twitter.comThough you may think it silly or weird, "tweeting" has arrived and it requires your attention. This fast growing phenomenon at should be part of your marketing plan. It is said that a person needs to see your business name at least 7 times before it even registers on his or her consciousness. Promoting your business on Twitter is one way of doing that - and a way to keep those customers engaged.

Twitter limits posts to 140 characters - short and sweet and it's so easy to learn. There should be no decision here. Just do it - but do it wisely.

Make sure it looks like your business and works on all monitors. The biggest mistake is that folks don't realize that there really is limited space on the image side of the page. Delia's skinny logo seen in the image above can be fully seen on nearly everyone's computer. Too many logos and images are partially eclipsed by the middle section.

Facebook, LinkedIn and More Branding

FacebookAll of these "social media" are tools and are not optional but should be included in a comprehensive business marketing plan. Use the internet to its full capacity and watch your business grow. These additions to your website can be easily incorporated into a page with just a couple of recognizable images like the little links above the right hand column.

Note the change in logo for Delia's Facebook page. Make your logo recognizable and adaptable. Continue your branding across all platforms but make it work visually.

On LinkedIn use your photo, not your logo. Incorporate your tweets, your blog posts, tell the world what you are reading (uh, something educational please!). Upload your presentations via SlideShare. Join groups that reflect your business interests and connections. When appropriate, solicit recommendations from your colleagues and your customers - most won't do it unless asked. Show the world who you are and what you do.

Read More and Do More

Find out more about the use of social media on Delia's blog.

In the right column you can see how else you can integrate your social media into your webpages - with real time posts!

Take full advantage of social media - promote your business and your brand.