Secure Your Store!

We'll Buy your Secure Certificate and Install It on Our Server

If you are under the impression that secure certificates have to be pricy to be really secure, think again. Geotrust sells a lower price certificate under the RapidSSL brand name. We only charge $49.95 to buy and install it. After that, we'll just bill you annually and we'll take care of the renewal for you. You'll never have to worry about it.

But What About Those Free Shared Hosting Certificate?

Since those free shared certificates do not have your domain name in the URL, your customers may be wary of buying from you. Though our server could have a shared certificate, your site will be better off with your own. Then you can also display a cute little image like that one above!

Put your mind at ease; buy your secure certificate from us today! (even if you don't use our hosting)