Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Build It and They Will Come?

Just having a website is not a "build it and they will come" type of venture. Competition for visibility on the web is incredibly fierce. After all, there are millions of websites!

The first step is search engine registration.  This can be a simple, low cost service or we can also provide you with extensive registration, linking and web marketing services as well.

Optimizing an existing web site for search engines may also be requested. Frequently, certain types of optimization must be done after a web site has been finished and registered so this is not usually included in a new site design estimate.


We don't make promises. We don't pretend that we can get you into the top 10 on Google. We simply do the things that are necessary:

More optimization is available on a per hour basis and, yes, that can cost thousands. And we still don't make promises except that we will do the best job possible.

Marketing Starts at Home

What you do need to know is how important your local marketing efforts are. Making sure your web address is featured prominently in all off-web advertising and your usual business cards and stationery is very important.  Even advertising your website can be a nice jumpstart for web traffic.  We are happy to advise you in this area and even produce your materials for print. 

Making sure your online presence is recognizable if you have an established local business is crucial and may entail reworking your present logos and graphics.  This may be the perfect time for updating your local image as you enter the web market.