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Website Planning Worksheet

This questionnaire provides an opportunity for you as a prospective customer to start thinking about your goals and needs and the possible ways these can be reflected through your web page.  Once you have completed this, we in turn can give you an cost estimate. 

Organization Name: _________________________________________________________

Please prepare a business story: history of the business and its principals, mission statement, interesting anecdotes about your business. This information may or may not be used on the website but will be very helpful in giving us a feel for your company.

1. Web Purpose

Please put a check in front of each pertinent item, putting a " P" in front of your 2 top priority items.
__ To develop or strengthen your company image only within specified geographical area.
__ To develop or strengthen your company image outside your present geographical area. 
__ To establish a web presence for a specific existing web opportunity you already have in mind.
__ To develop a  list of prospects.
__ To develop an email list for publication (newsletter, e-zine) purposes.
__ To sell products directly over the Internet.
__ To encourage potential customers to contact you.
__ To make product information and price lists available to distributors.
__ To make product information and price lists available to customers.
__ To provide service information to your customers such as order status, appointment confirmation, etc.
__ To strengthen brand identification.
__ Other _______________________________________________________

2.  Your Customer

Do you have marketing research information on your present customer base?________
Do you have marketing research information on your potential internet customer?_____
    (Please be sure to include this information in your package.)
Please describe your average customer:
Do you want to change this profile and, if so, how?

3. Site and Domain Names

Will your site name be the same as your present company or organization?________

If not, what are you considering for your website name?________________________________

Have you already registered a domain name?  Domain name ____________________________

Would you be willing to register other names as well if it is necessary?________

If you haven't registered a domain name, do you need assistance in deciding on one?  ____________

4.  Graphics and Photographs

Do you have an existing logo? ________

Do you want a web-only logo or also need one for print?     Web- only________Print____________

Please include in your package color copies of all logos and graphics that you are presently using.  If you do not have copies that are camera ready, please try to obtain them from your advertising/graphic design agencies and publications.  Any information that your graphic designer needs for print such as Pantone colors would also be helpful.

Please write down your ideas on this subject and provide what examples you can:

We'll be glad to help you choose from among already existing photos or take new ones if you are in our local area. Please send actual lab produced photographs or digital files.  Do not send color copies or laser printed copies.  All photos will be digitally prepared for the web (and print if you wish) to assure the highest quality photos. If you are taking digital photographs and would like them readied for print as well, make sure your camera can take photos with a resolution of 300 dpi (for print) (or follow the guidelines from your camera manual).

5. Page Design and Colors

Choosing your website colors is not unlike choosing colors and graphics for a print campaign and should be similar to that to keep branding intact.  White backgrounds provide ample contrast and readability for any age and eyesight.  Colors should be used as accents not bold backgrounds. 

Do you have specific colors or graphics in mind already? Please describe and include samples in your package.

If not, do you have personal preferences we need to consider ______or are you open to any suggestions?_______ 

Please describe:

6. Static Page Setup

Page setup can vary but having the menu and color on the left side of the page is the most effective, simplest presentation.  More complicated pages with frames, tables and scripts can also be effective, but we will recommend the most appropriate setup for your website purpose and needs.

Each page will have a menu connecting your "home" page to all the others.  This menu will exist in a similar form throughout your site so that every page will carry the same theme. 

Use the following checklist to start planning your pages.  

______*about the company
______*contact page
______*departments/products, please list # and/or titles:
            (parts, service, support, geographic divisions, categories of products, etc.)
______frequently asked questions
______location, directions, map
______company directory
______e-commerce, # of categories_______, # of products_______
______local or industry navs
*basic site requirements

7. Content

Don't forget, words are just as important as any of the design or the bells and whistles.  Well-written copy and information can mean the difference in actually making a sale or gaining a customer.

Any written content should be provided on disk in any standard word processing or desktop publishing format. Scanning of paper is possible but can add dramatically to your cost. Automatically included in any work we do for you is spell checking; however, a perfect site requires checks by several individuals, not just one. 

We do provide writing and editing services.  This is a consulting experience: we have to have your complete cooperation and feedback so that your website truly reflects who you are.  

Will you be needing assistance with your written materials? _______ Please explain the extent of your needs:

8.  Features

Many other possibilities exist to make your site interactive and interactivity can increase your traffic.  If you've got fun or useful items, your customers are more likely to return often. Each of the following will require either scripts, specific programming or web search but all can interactivity to your site.

Please check off what you might be interested in.  We will also make recommendations if we feel these can be appropriate for you.

______calendar of events, maintainable by anyone on your staff with web access
______site & web search
______content management
______web community
______photo gallery
______request or response forms
______email address collection
______guest book for comments
______chat or forum
______live chat, customer service
______news for your industry, headline news or stock information from a service
______visitor counter
______affiliate advertising: sell other products and earn commissions from other web pages
______animated GIF images
______shockwave/flash animations
______video, sound, music

9. Web Hosting

Choosing a web host is a confusing business.  Not all web hosts provide the necessities for some of the bells and whistles, so your present provider may not be able to handle your new site.  We can make recommendations and arrangements if you need them.

Have you already obtained or use a web hosting service?  If so, please fill out the blanks below:

Web Hosting Service ____________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________

E-mail for support or help _________________________________________

If not, would you like for us to make arrangements or recommendations for you?______ 10.

10. Maintenance

We recommend contract maintenance so that you can be assured your site will be in good shape and up-to-date.  Our basic maintenance includes monthly search engine registration, automated nav checking, any repair/normal upkeep, minor text changes with normal hourly rates applying after the first hour.  Maintenance can also include order processing product maintenance for e-commerce sites at an additional per incident and/or hourly cost. Will you require someone to maintain your site monthly? Please describe your requirements as best as you can.

Yearly or on-going contracts are available.

11. Marketing

A web site is not "build it and they will come" scenario. That's Hollywood and hype. The reality is that marketing on the web is just as fraught with problems and decisions and even cost as your local marketing campaign.  There are free or low-cost avenues, but there are costly ways to advertise as well.

Price for these type of services will be billed on an hourly basis and cannot be accurately estimated ahead of time. Would you be interested in any of the above? _____ If so, please give us your ideas & needs:

12. Estimates, Guarantees and Procedures.

Contracts are required for all projects, large or small.  You may request to see a a copy of a sample contract.

Your estimate will be clear and as comprehensive as we can make it.  Once we start on your project, you will be kept informed of the total hours spent and charges incurred on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your needs.  

Your cost estimate with the necessary revisions will be signed by both parties and should answer any questions you may have and explain procedures and due dates. We will start work as soon as we receive this signed agreement and a 50% deposit and have space in our schedule.  We will give you an estimated completion date, but we are relying on you to furnish the materials--you can make the process quicker and more efficient and you can also delay it.

We guarantee our work.  Any misspellings, incorrect information or text, and any non-working elements that we have caused will be fixed immediately if brought to our attention within the first 30 days of contract completion.  Any subsequent problem after those 30 days will be investigated and you will receive an estimate for the cost.  Please note if you contract for maintenance with us, most problems will be handled within those parameters.

We will investigate any problems, not caused by us, but by a third party and make recommendations.  Please understand that web pages are very complicated and a wide variety of problems can be generated by your web host, your email setup, other web pages, hackers, scammers, etc., and we have no control over them.

What is your target start date?______________

What is your target end date?______________

Your Name_____________________________ Title____________________________

Mailing Address_________________________________________________________

Agent/Address for invoicing________________________________________________

Physical Address if different_________________________________________________

Phone (local & toll-free)________________________________ Fax_________________

Email address____________________________________________________________


Please take time to review this form and make a list of items that need to be sent to us. You will be informed by email if additional materials are needed.  There should be 6 pages. Keep a copy!

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We look forward to working with you!