Flash for Websites


Macromedia's Flash software is a very versatile web and presentation tool that combines graphics, type and animation to create some pretty nifty animations for on or off the web.

A previous intro for this site found here is an example of Flash that uses only text, so that it loads and plays without any disruption or "stuttering" that the viewer can see.

Notice, too, that mouseover events(hovering over the words) in the intro become a integral part of the site mission statement.

Flash can also be used for creating software demos and even e-learning courses.

Check out the answers below for more flash samples.

Don't have the plug-in? Get it here! 


Some important questions:

plusWhat is needed to view Flash?
plusWhat are some uses of flash animations?
plusWhy use Flash instead of Javascript or animated gifs?
plusWhat websites can use Flash?
plusWhat are the advantages to using Flash?
plusWhat are the disadvantages to using Flash?
plusShould my website use Flash?