Domain Names - Choosing, Registration & Renewal

Let Us Take Care of Your Domain Name

We will be glad to assist you in choosing, registering and renewing your domain name. The cost for this headache-free service is comparative to what some other sites charge just for the domain name itself.

This does not have be done in conjunction with a major site package or remodel but can be purchased as a stand alone service.

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

  1. Name your site after your business.
  2. Avoid really long URLs unless it's truly memorable such as the name of your brick and mortar business.
  3. Avoid hypens and underscores - it's harder to say it that way.
  4. If possible, try to include a keyword in your URL.
  5. Be creative - if it helps your visitors to remember the domain name.
  6. Purchase the .com, .org, .net and .info if possible.
  7. If not possible, check those sites. If is pornography, you don't want your customers accidentally ending up on the .com version.